GOALIES CIRCLE: Rachael Lynch and others share their tips on cleaning your goalie gear

There is one final task a goalkeeper should do at the end of a hockey season and that is thoroughly clean their goalie gear for storage until the next season. This particularly applies to club goalie gear which in some cases gets forgotten about until the goalie bag is reopened for a new season by some unlucky person and again the club is up for new gear.

In this article Rachael Lynch and others share some tips on cleaning goalie gear.

Rachael Lynch

Rachael Lynch is a renowned Hockeyroos goalkeeper. If you are a goalkeeper you are advised to check out her website rachaellynch.com.au The website has much to offer a goal orientated goalkeeper in terms of news, skills, and training help.

My cleaning tips

As a goalkeeper I am fully aware of the reputation we hold of being ‘stinky’. This is something I am passionate about changing. I am convinced that a pair of shin guards will smell much worse than a well looked after set of goalkeeping gear.

A few things I would suggest that may help prevent the comments and ridicule from team mates about your stench:

  1. Air your full kit out after every training session or game. I guarantee you will have sweat or water on your gear through contact with the turf
  2. Wash your smock, cover shorts, bandana, neck guard, pelvic protector and arm guards (if detachable) at least once or twice a week. These items should easily fit in your washing machine. Front loaders are much more gentle on the gear but top loaders are also ok. Always wash the gear separate to your everyday clothes.
  3. Wash your shoes every few weeks. This can also be done in the washing machine or by hand in a bucket or sink.
  4. Body armour is usually the main cause for smell so must be addressed somehow. I have tried washing it in the machine but due to the size it can be difficult and also may damage the gear or the machine. The best way I have found is to take a brush (best is the brush from a dust pan and brush) and a bucket of warm soapy water. Take the gear outside and use the brush to scrub the gear all over. Do not be afraid to use plenty of soapy water. Leave it hanging outside to dry for as long as you can then you should be right to go.
  5. Finally I suggest you buy some face wipes from the supermarket. These can be used to wipe out the inside of your helmet. Another area that can get quite dirty, especially your chin strap.

What other goalkeepers have done to clean their goalie gear.

  • make up a weak solution of dettol in a bucket of warm water and get a cloth and wipe down kickers and leg guards and also hand protectors get a soak in the mix. Everything is left out to dry for as long as possible.
  • put a small air freshener in your gear bag helps make your gear smell nicer for longer
  • If you have a problem with odour you just can’t shift from body armour then try adding a cup of white vinegar to the mix when soaking. It’s an excellent odour eater and cheap too.

For further information watch this great video from OBO

Source: Adapted from  http://blog.obo.co.nz

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