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PRODUCT REVIEW: New 2019 additions to Mazon Goalkeeping

Kookaburra Andrew Charter

Mazon has always been recognised to be a reputable in goalkeeping (GK) design and technology. It was around 1985 that they realized that GK’s needed a force to counteract the advancements happening in outfield technology. With the developments in outfield stick technology resulting in harder hitting and accurate flicking they knew goalkeepers required far better protection, more flexibility, increased comfort and greater mobility.

This counteracting force is to empower GK’s and stand up against the new challenges that lay around the corner was to be called ProForce. The ProForce project involved the Australian goalkeepers Stephen Mowlam and Stewart Dearing and many other leading AHL keepers. These top goalkeepers (GKs) were instrumental in the testing program for Mazon and the introduction of innovative new goalkeeper components.


Hockeyroo Joyce Bartrum

Key features included the International level kickers incorporating a new 3D toe cap developed from the original ‘Moonwalker’ kicker. Ultra- high rebound plastazote foam with oversize kicking zone, low profile dual base strap system and sculpted ankle collar to fit perfectly with the new ProForce Legguard.  The kicker has become well known for a controlled yet powerful clearance. The brand is now trusted by GKs all around the world! Kookaburras Andrew Charter, who is a nomination for 2018 FIH Goalkeeper of the year is advocate for Mazon goalkeeping gear.

What to expect in 2019

The team of goalkeeping designers have come up with some performance enhancing features. Mazon have gone back from the green and black to their traditional black and red colourings

Key new features:

NEW -A skin on the black foam


  • SUPERIOR SKINNED FOAM – Yes, a ‘skinned’ foam which is expected to provide better durability and improved sliding ability as a result of the reduced friction between pad and pitch.
  • IMPROVED DESIGN – The Shape is formed better to lengthen the inside of the leg which increases the saving surface
  • M-F Bolster – This provides increased protection to the knee and the heat sensitive foam moulds better to players leg


You will find t is the closest fit they have ever had. This helps with comfort and performance.


The improved design is expected to provide better ball smothering and ball deflection ability.

Find out more about the new Mazon GK range #XRRising  Also there is an exciting change to the Mazon’s top of the range hockey stick comingin 2019  – called ‘Mazon Eagle’

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