PRODUCT REVIEW: Medically proven pre and post performance footwear can improve you biomechanically, physiologically and neurologically.


Hockey players everywhere are seen wearing them pre and post game. Flip flops, thongs or jandals are medically not the most appropriate footwear for health and performance – UNTIL NOW. This new medical product is proving itself to be a winner with its users.

Hockey_footwareAudrey Smith (Elite Hockey goalkeeper and equilibras™ advocate)

The best thing about the equilibras™ e-flip™s is that I can rely on them to provide the correct support for my feet before and after training and games. They are super comfortable and I look forward to putting them on after a hard training session! They are great for recovery and I highly recommend them!

Audrey Smith (2016 Australian Hockey Squad member)

I am extremely impressed with the equilibras™ orthotic flipflop and the significant benefits it brings to all who wear them. It is very innovative and combines the orthotic support, neural stimulation and healthy foot sense in a flipflop, which would normally be reserved for a high end sporting shoe and or orthotic insert. I am more than happy to recommend this product.
Director Pro Golf Health

I am a professional surf champion. Since wearing e-flips™ my knees feel good again. I wish I could surf on equilibras™!

S.G. Qld Australia

So what are they? equilibras™ e-flips™ are neurorthotic™ are flat soled flip flops l thongs l jandals

In a world first an Australian/Swiss team of experts have designed flip-flops l thongs l jandals (equilibras™ e-flips™) which look as cool as the standard flip-flops, but includes an unseen inbuilt neurorthotic™ which helps support your feet, correct your posture and stimulate your brain properly. The invention transforms the humble flip-flop into revolutionary medical footwear (registered by the TGA as a Class 1 medical device) – but looks just like traditional flip-flips l thongs l jandals, which are doing untold, research proven, physical damage.


equilibras™ e-flips™ are excellent footwear for pre and post sport providing the following benefits

footware for exercise

  • Anti-fatigue properties of the polyurethane (PU) construction of equilibras™’ help physiological recovery.
  • The increased neurological stimulation through the soles of the feet by equilibras™ allow for proper muscle tension helping recovery.
  • The orthotic make up of equilibras™ helps maintain or re-establish muscle balance, reducing any undue stress after sport.
  • The activation of the natural mid-foot locking mechanism in a neutral stands on equilibras™, also facilitates stability in the foot without extra use of musculature.
  • e-flips™ are made from polyurethane. Benefits are; high quality insulator, durable and robust, memory lifespan is 4-10 times longer than normal rubber or EVA compounds, water resistant, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungicidal.


If you love wearing flip flops/thongs/jandals and are serious about your health and performance find out more about this unique product.

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