PRODUCT REVIEW: Hingly hockey socks are a fashion rage for hockey players’ world wide

One company out of the Netherlands have made their mark by changing the boring hockey sock into a fashion statement hockey sock. Players throughout the world have embraced the novelty to the point now where clubs and teams have made adopted these socks as a team identity statement. Thousands and thousands of these socks are now sold worldwide to a substantial hockey population.

Hingly Funsocks out of the Netherlands. It was the  2014 World Hockey Cup that I saw the popularity of Hingly Funsocks to World Cup followers. The brand places a strong emphasis on combining fashion with quality. The best of yarns and technology is used to produce a high quality playing sock, i.e.,

They come with a foot that is made from the highly technical Polycolon® fibre. Polycolon® is the lightest material in the world. It is about 40 % lighter than cotton and 35% lighter than polyester. Polycolon® is so light that it will float when you put it in the water.

They are a sweat repellent Polycolon® moves the perspiration and moisture away to the second layer where it is absorbed and can be evaporated. This reduces the chance of blisters.
This unique and professional fibre keeps you dry when it’s wet and warm when it’s cold. They are suitable for the washing machine Polycolon® can be easily washed in the washing machine at a temperature of 95 degrees (Warning: read the wax label). Even after a lot of washing, this will
not damage the function, color and structure of Polycolon®.

Together with the excellent fit and durable quality Hingly offers one of the best socks on the market today, not just in looks!

Hingly Funsocks are super bright as they chose dominant ‘fluro’ colours to make a fashion statement.


Player feedback regarding the wear of the sock has been outstanding with many players having more than one pair in their hockey bag or sock draw. If you are looking for a novel hockey based present for this Christmas to give or you are intend going away to a social tournament or playing in a summer competition then choosing the latest in fashion hockey socks is the go.

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