Choosing the right hand protection in indoor hockey ">

PRODUCT REVIEW: Choosing the right hand protection in indoor hockey

Each piece of hockey equipment is important and should work together for the benefit of the player using them. Indoor hockey gloves are a necessity because of the nature of the game and the type of playing surfaces your hands will come in contact with. Indoor hockey gloves are for the left hand as this is the hand that leads in tackling

Protection should be your first priority, but nothing is more frustrating than a pair of cumbersome indoor hockey gloves that are working against you as you try to perform indoor hockey skills. If your gloves are too big or too small they can keep you from having the necessary amount of mobility in the wrist and fingers, and sensitivity to the stick while you are performing with an indoor ball.

Selecting the glove for you is personal. This article is intended to educate and provide information on different gloves. What you chose will be your decider.

Indoor Hockey Glove Features

Choosing the ‘right for you’ indoor hockey gloves will come down to a few specific things (other than cost):

Nylon vs. Synthetic Leather Shells

Authentic leather is no longer typically used to construct indoor hockey gloves. Synthetic leather is a lighter, more durable alternative that doesn’t hold water and harden the way that authentic leather does. Synthetic leather shells are very durable and in some instances don’t tear quite as easily as gloves with a nylon shell. Nylon shells are usually a bit lighter and more breathable than synthetic leather shells, though. Many gloves, like the Mazon Indoor glove pictured below, are constructed with synthetic leather and nylon, taking advantage of the benefits that each material offers.

Padding Shapes and Divisions

Some indoor hockey gloves tend to have 2 to 4 horizontal pads that flex on the top of the hand and 2 pieces of padding in each finger which allow for ample flexibility in the joints of the second knuckles. Others indoor hockey gloves though, will have several pieces of variably shaped foam padding on the top of the hand and in the fingers that are inserted and divided in a way that allows for even more glove flexibility and overall hand movement. Consequently there is a preferential choice as to balancing anatomical feel and padding structure. It’s best to try on several different styles of hockey gloves in order to figure out which ones feel most comfortable on your hands.

Indoor Hockey Glove Palms

Hockey glove palms are generally constructed with one or two layers of material that feels like a cross between soft leather and suede. However there is a growing presence of palm less gloves for players looking for a natural feel on the indoor stick.

So what gloves are on offer? Go Hockey News looks at three gloves

Gryphon Millenium Pro Glove

The left hand Gryphon Millennium Pro Players glove has a high-density foam/plastic construction that will make the heaviest blows feel like a brush. The palm-less design means you won’t loose that natural feeling and the breathable mesh outer keeps the sweat back. The Pro version features 5mm’s of extra padding across the glove, offering greater protection for those who play extra hard.

The High density foam (5mm’s thicker than the Millennium Glove) and plastic insert construction for advanced protection. General features are;
– Lightweight design
– Adjustable wrist strap
– Palmless set-up for a natural grip
– Breathable mesh outer

Mazon ProForce Indoor Glove

Mazon have sought the advice of international players from around the world (both outdoor and indoor) to ascertain expectations and features required in glove design while still managing complex indoor stick work.. Weight, comfort, manoeuvrability, flexibility and quality build are all criteria that went into designing the Mazon Indoor glove.

In comparison with the Gryphon Milenium indoor glove the Mazon glove is more chunky without losing any anatomical benefits. Also the palm is a leather palm.

Espada Indoor Glove

The Espada Armadura Indoor Glove is ideal for the indoor player looking for the ultimate in protection but also light weight and flexible for movement. It has supreme density foam padding with armour plated inserts to maximise protection. The climagrip palm design maximises grip yet still providing breathability. It has full thumb and wrist protection and secured with Velcro strap fastening. It is an attractive looking glove.

Using Field Hockey Gloves

The question asked by new participants to indoor hockey is a field hockey glove suitable for indoor hockey. The simple answer is if it provides adequate protection for your hand and fingers then it is suitable. Some players do not like a full glove as it may restrict their ‘feel’ on the stick. In this case a minimalistic protection glove is sought. The choice is very individualistic.

Where to find a glove?

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