PLAYER TIPS: How music can contribute to your hockey performance

Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush to maximise your game preparation with pump up songs or ‘wind down’ pre match ‘according to leading sports psychologists, music is a powerful tool, which can give a competitive advantage at any level. Ranging from slow tempo, inspirational tracks the day before a match to high-octane anthems immediately before kick-off, researchers believe music helps mental preparation and establish routine.

Scientific inquiry has revealed key ways in which music can influence preparation and competitive performances: dissociation, arousal regulation, synchronization, acquisition of motor skills and attainment of flow. Therefore sport psychologists advise you to employ music as tool in preparation for competition. This is due to the fact that music will influence arousal if it promotes thoughts that encourage physical activity or relaxation. That is, the association between certain types of music and physical activity may act as a stimulus. If you need to increase arousal level before a game then you may listen to upbeat music that encourages them to go and compete at an intense level. If you need to lower their arousal level you may listen to music that will help you calm down and relax. As Paula Radcliffe, the world record–holding marathoner, has said, “I put together a playlist and listen to it during the run-in. It helps psych me up and reminds me of times in the build-up when I’ve worked really hard, or felt good. With the right music, I do a much harder workout.”

Therefore hockey dressing room jukebox is a perfect setting where high tempo tunes can match your anticipated heart rate and inspire you to on-field success. Not only is the beat important but also the words of the song are motivational. Given the right words and phrases they can resonate with the individual. Inner Drive’s Bradley Busch cites Jay Z’s ‘Encore’ – which features the lyric: “I came, I saw, I conquered” – as an ideal song for your dressing room.

Brunel University’s music and sport performance researcher Dr Costas Karageorghis has compiled a list of songs which could inspire the listener to achieve as much as a 10% performance increase. Split into three sections –

  1. Visualisation

Listen FourFourTwo Performance’s visualisation playlist


Voices of the Valley Abide With Me (42 beats per minute)

R Kelly I Believe I Can Fly (60BPM)

Luciano Pavarotti Nessun Dorma (50-60BPM)

David Bowie Heroes (113BPM)

Keith Mansfield (composer) Grandstand theme (132BPM)

  1. Pre-match motivation

Listen to FourFourTwo Performance’s pre-match motivaiton playlist

Queen We Are The Champions (64BPM)

The Farm All Together Now (112BPM)

Tinie Tempah Pass Out (127BPM)

Dario G Carnival de Paris (137BPM)

AR Rahman and the Pussycat Dolls ft Nicole Scherzinger Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) (137BPM)

  1. Post-match relaxation

Listen to FourFourTwo Performance’s post-match relaxation playlist

Enya Anywhere Is (100BPM)

Sergio Mendes Mas que Nada (99BPM)

Groove Armada At the River (68BPM)

Seal Kiss from a Rose (44BPM)

Fleetwood Mac Albatross (67BPM)
If you are looking for pump up songs, they can be found easily by going to You Tube.There are three classifications of pump up songs:

  1. “inspirational” track.  The lyrics are the sole focus of this type of song.
  2. “swagger”.  These pump up songs are all about boasting and bragging to build up confidence.
  3. “fight” song.  This music is exactly what it sounds like; what you listen to before a battle.

What now? Ensure you incorporate music  as part of your preparation routine.

Adapted source: – Author Bradley Busch

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