UMPIRES RULE: Two hockey resources to improve your umpiring knowledge, understanding and application

Hockey players, coaches, spectators are notorious for criticizing umpires. It is a thankless, stressful role that can make or break a game’s outcome and because it is thankless and stressful only a few amongst the many possible want to do it. Over the last 10 years there have been leaps and bounds in lifting the professional approach to improving umpiring standards, education, and supporting those few who like to umpire week in and week out. These dedicated people are worth their weight in gold.

Because of technology umpiring education has enormous potential to grow and be accessed by not only umpires but by everyone who is a critic. In this article we highlight two hockey umpiring online resources that all can access to improve their knowledge, understanding and application. It suggest you investigate for yourself what these two resources provide. Certainly if any readers know of more umpiring online resources or umpiring social media groups or forums that can be brought to the attention of readers than please send through access details to

1] FIH have partnered with Dartfish to provide a comprehensive online platform for umpires, coaches, and players to better understand the rules of hockey.

As a hockey player one should be aware FIH are responsible for the Rules of Hockey. In a joint project between the FIH Umpiring Committee and FIH Rules Committee a video library was created to provide the hockey fraternity with a FIH Rules of Hockey Video Library. Since the launch of the FIH Rules of Hockey Video Library in November 2010 there have been over 100.000 views. With the latest additions, the Library now contains over 137 clips.

To facilitate this library FIH partnered with Dartfish to ‘house’ the umpiring video library. Dartfish is a video solutions provider based in Fribourg, Switzerland. The company develops online and offline video software to enable users to view, edit and analyze videos for individual and corporate use in relation to sport. It is excellent resource for game analysis.

To access the video library you need to go to FIH umpiring page and then click on the Dartfish banner. Once inside the FIH Dartfish platform you can access the collection of umpiring clips and analyse their interpretations. You can access specific umpiring areas, e.g., obstruction,or look at what is popular, what is recent,etc .

This is an ideal learning tool for experienced umpire management to use in iteaching new umpires.

2] For umpires seeking to review and understand the rules in a more depth it is recommended you go to Martin Conlon’s umpiring specific website

 Martin Conlon

Martin Conlon is the author of the umpiring blog website, ‘The Rules of Hockey – Observations and proposals about the rules of field hockey’ Martin Conlon provides a critical analysis and discussion about hockey rules, rule changes, and what needs to be considered for rule changes.  He has an observable passion for hockey and is willing to turn his passion into helping the sport progress in his field of expertise – umpiring. Go Hockey News over the years have gratefully featured many of Martin’s blogs because a bigger audience of umpires, coaches, and players need to see them.

To go to Martin’s website

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