PRODUCT REVIEW: The number of hockey clubs who are using fundraising or grants to purchase a BOLA Hockey Machine is rising and rightfully so

The BOLA machine made its entry into cricket but now hockey, baseball and other sports find much value its benefits for skills improvement and a coaching aid. It has become an essential part of the training sessions for many of the world’s national hockey teams. National squads in Australia, Great Britain, Holland and India and an ever increasing number of Hockey clubs all over the world are also using the BOLA in their training programmes.

The benefits of the BOLA machine is only restricted by the user themselves. It is an excellent tool both for GK training, but also for field player training skill development in defence and attacking contexts. Especially in improving the skill of trapping a ball which is an essential component of maintaining possession.  For GK it is useful to build motor memory, reactionary responses and skill execution repetition.

Unlike human beings, the BOLA never tires. It will feed the perfect pass or shot at goal time after time. For all players, goalkeepers and coaches, frustration at poor passing shooting or feeding during training sessions can be a thing of the past. The BOLA Hockey Machine can place the ball exactly where you intend. No more accidental undercuts any surprise injuries. Whether you want a precision cross or a 50 metre aerial ball, the BOLA provides it.


A floor mounted version of the cricket machine with enclosed wheels. Delivering a hockey ball at speeds from 20 to 80 mph from varies distances and heights. .  Vernier length control allows fine adjustment to eliminate bounce. The BOLA Hockey Machine is 12 volt battery operated so it can be used anywhere. Pick it up and put it down where you need it. Each battery charge lasts up to seven hours of continuous use with an overnight recharge from a car battery charger. There is also a mains option available for indoor training sessions using a BOLA Power Pack.

The following video explains how to set up a BOLA Hockey Machine

For coaches or clubs looking to purchase a BOLA Machine check out this video of how it is being used.

For hockey coaching ideas using BOLA  Hockey Machine CLICK HERE


If you are a club and wanting to spend some of that ‘cherished sponsorship money’ or thinking about applying for a government grant or you are a hockey individual who is serious about becoming the best then the BOLA Hockey Machine is a good item to put on your priority purchasing list. To find out more information and make a purchase CLICK HERE

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