PRODUCT REVIEW : Dita’s new footglove shoe may well be the next generation hockey performance shoe


Dita has introduced to the hockey population a new generation of hockey shoe that incorporates an inner sock fitting Neoprene inner lining to provide optimum fit, support and comfort. It is called the Dita Lght 700 Footglove hockey shoe. It is a hockey shoe that fits like a sock to maximise angle support without being cumbersome. Not only is it a shoe technologically designed specifically for aiding one’s hockey performance it also looks sharp.

The combination sole unit with its broad based studs is designed for gripping and stability on both sand and water based pitches. The midsole is comprised of shock absorbing EVA. EVA creates a cushioning effect as well as stability; the most important factors in a good midsole. Achieving better results than the alternative, polyurethane, EVA is the most popular choice when making a midsole for a hockey shoe. The Dita EVA midsole is embedded with secondary cushioning systems consisting of a gel which is located in the heel area.

The shoe has been reinforced to provide a strong toe protection guard (TPG shield), heel stabilisation, and forefoot lateral support to reduce sideways rolling of the foot. Though reinforced it still provides flex-easy zones in the midsole forefoot for correct flexing when running. The upper lining material ensures water will not penetrate the shoe.

If there is a negative it is getting the shoe on when it is new. You will need to get used to the footglove. If it difficult a shoe horn is recommended to assist the process in the short term.

Overall the Dita Lght 700 Footglove is a most suitable shoe for every hockey player. Its quality and support functions for the price would put it in the highest category of the best hockey shoes out there today. In Australia this shoe has a recommended retail price of $125.00 which makes it value for money spent. But there is more…. This shoe comes with an extra pair of orthotic shaped inner soles, heel supports, laces. Well done Dita.

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