HOCKEY FITNESS: Strengthening your core stability will help improve the execution of your hockey skills

Core Muscles

Do you want to be stronger in tackles, perform stronger hits and flicks, and help prevent injuries? The obvious answer would be YES. Then a contributing factor to achieving these goals is to strengthen your core stability.  This is extremely valuable for junior players as it is for older masters’ players. Junior players are still growing physically while masters’ players are trying to counteract the decline in body strength. Poor core strength results in wasted energy and poor biomechanics.

What Are The Benefits Of Strengthening Core Stability?

  1. Increased Strength:
    Increased strength as a result of core stability workouts is one of the main benefits. With this comes the decrease in the risk of injury since stronger muscles are less prone to jarring and failure to external forces.
  2. Increased Coordination:
    Increased coordination is another great benefit you achieve. This coordination allows you to perform movements with greater ease and fluidity. As your muscles learn to work in synch with each other, your actions become more efficient.
  3. Increased Stability/Balance:
    Increased stability and balance are an important attribute you gain from doing these types of workouts. This helps a great deal with performance since you will be better able to keep your body in a homeostatic position. For example a hockey player with good stability/balance is better able to keep on her feet when in a possible body contact position during a tackle.

     4. Decreased Chance Of Injury:

A stable core is one that supports injury prevention. Imagine a full back being smoked by a running forward who changes direction and collision is inevitable. What supports his bones, joints, and ligaments in his core? It’s a stable, steady, balanced core that is resistant to the forces put upon it.

5. Increased Performance:

A stable core increases your performance because you are able to keep your balance through certain movements. It also contributes to power in the execution of skills. Successful drag flickers exhibit strong characteristics of good core strength and stability to go hand in hand with great technique.

      How is your core strength and stability – TAKE THE CHALLENGE?

The Core Strength and Stability Test is a 3 minute test based on the plank position. It is an excellent screening device to determine core strength and stability in athletic and fitness-oriented populations. It can be done individually or as a group. Hold this above position for 3 minutes. Give it a go! Now you have done a self-assessment there may be a need for improvement. If so begin the following program. To get the right technique for the execution of the plank do the following

Want to strengthen your core stability?

Once you have made sufficient progress in strengthening your core stability you can grab your hockey stick and utilise a bosu ball or exercise ball as in the photo and practice you skill movements lime this golfer below. You may need a spotter until you are fully stable.

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