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Whether you are a hockey goalkeeper or a hockey coach, education for improvement is critical. Hockey goalkeeping education resources are not always easy to find in the one location. The following resource list was compiled by Recruitment4Hockey and is acknowledged by Go Hockey News as the source. Recruitment4Hockey is unique in what it offers the hockey fraternity. It is a worldwide recruitment link for the Field & Indoor Hockey Community. If you have not done so already this website is worthy of locking away as one of your favourites.

The list below lists some great websites and YouTube channels from around the world to help you develop goalkeeping education

Goal Keeping Skills and Fundamentals – hard copies
England Hockey – 50 Hockey Goalkeeper Practices
Hockey New Zealand – Goal Keeping Resource
FHBC – Basics
How to Develop a Field Hockey Goalie
TeachPE – Hockey Goal Keeping
England Hockey – Work Shop
Goalkeeping By Reaper
How to Warm up a Field Hockey Goalie
Goalie Warm up

Goal Keeping Online and YouTube videos

Hockey Australia – Essential GK skill Level 1 up

Rachel Lynch GK Session Futures Camp 

Hockey Australia Core Skills for Developing Goalkeepers – Field Hockey

Mix of Goal Keeper Video 

Fun GK clips

SHA Simon Mason Mercian Goalkeeping Clinic

Fun Hockey Goal Keeper warm up with Hockeyroos Rachael Lynch

Goalkeeper Saves – Canada’s David Carter – Highlights
Field Hockey Goalkeeper Training – BowdonHockeyTV
Crazy Catch Goalie Training – Maddie Hinch

Goal Keeping Drills packages and Online Coaching

Dwyer Online Coaching – Clips Goal Keeper Training by Jaap Stockman (Dutch)
Sportplan online Drill design and Planning for Goal Keeping
Toni Cronk – Coaching Private and Online

Source: Recruitment4Hockey

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