GOALIES CIRCLE: A beginner guide to staying focused for a new goalkeeper

Being a goalkeeper can be pretty lonely and sometimes you will have very little to do. However, it is critical to stay focused during the whole game because you never know when the opponents could get a half chance and score on you.

Always try to be on your toes and ready for action. Here are four tips that will help you stay focused during the whole game.

  1. Never Underestimate Your Opponents

You should never underestimate your opponents no matter how bad they are. On this way you will not only keep yourself focused, you will also gain more respect from your opponents.

Treat every game like it was a World Cup final. Only on this way you will be able to keep your focus during the whole game and prohibit your opponents from scoring.

  1. Perform Exercises

If the opponents can’t even pass the centre line you should consider performing some exercises to keep yourself ready for anything.

One type of exercise you may use for keeping yourself focused is stretching.

You will not only increase the flexibility of your muscles  you will also feel more calm and ready for action.

You should neither leave the goal as your opponents may spot you being too far from the goal and could try to take advantage of that.

  1. Predict Possible Situations

When standing in the goal you should try to predict whether your opponents will attack from the wing or from the middle of the field.

This is a type of hockey skill that requires a lot of time to develop so don’t expect to get it right immediately!

For example, if you opponents have a good striker you can be pretty sure that they will try to pass the ball to him very often.

What you need to do then is to keep yourself focused and clear the ball if your fullbacks should miss it.

You may have not realized this yet but while playing as a goalie  you have many in common with your fullbacks.

These are for example clearing the ball from dangerous areas or stopping your opponents to get around you in a 1 vs. 1 situation.

Mental training is an important skill for goal keepers

  1. Talk With Your Defence Line

By talking with your defenders you will not only help them covering their area better. You will also help yourself stay focused and avoid having your mind on some other place.

However, you don’t need to talk every second or so. Instead try to say something at least every minute that will give your defenders advantage on your opponents.


The main point I want you to take from this guide is that you have to stay focused with all of the chaos on the field, sometimes that’s hard to do.

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