COACHES CORNER: Performance analysis resources are great tools to assist coaches

Performance Analysis provides hockey players and coaches with objective information that helps them understand performance. This process is underpinned by systematic observation, which provides valid, reliable and detailed information relating to performance. Performance Analysis can help enhance the coaching process by providing statistical and video information as a result of using Performance Analysis tools

This objective data facilitates enhanced feedback between coaches and hockey players. Subsequent interventions can then lead to a greater performance impact. This is particularly useful in analyzing skills execution. However the effectiveness of any tool is only as good as the knowledge of the user. Performance Analysis software has been used for many years by elite hockey coaches to analyze both skills and game strategies. The software tends to be expensive to purchase.  However in more recent years the growth of mobile apps provides opportunities for all coaches to utilize their analytical benefits.

How does Performance Analysis help performance?

To achieve repeated success coaches and hockey players must know and understand what they have done to make them successful/unsuccessful.

Coaches and hockey players spend a great deal of time thinking about how you can improve, or trying to understand the elements that make up a good performance. Many coaches rely on what they observe in real-time to inform their coaching decisions. Research shows that coaches can, on average, recollect around 40% of key performance factors that they had actually seen. In terms of the coaching process, if the observation of performance is limited then the rest of the process is then in question. That’s why Performance Analysis can be extremely beneficial.

Benefits for hockey players

  • Improved visual awareness of technical and tactical knowledge
  • Improved decision making
  • Improved confidence

Benefits for hockey coaches

  • Assists in understanding of hockey players strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhances their own development and coaching practice
  • Enables in-depth review of performance

Listed below are software programs worth checking out. Dartfish is one that is recommended. It takes a bit to get used to but the many aspects to the Dartfish programs offer coaches and players a number of approaches to Performance Analysis.

In general Dartfish allows you to record and import your games or practices. Identify key actions during the match using My Dartfish Note. Merge them in Dartfish 360 S to start effective video analysis and prepare for the next game. It can help a hockey team see exactly where they need to improve by underlining what the action reveals with powerful tools like drawings, instant replay and much more. It can identify and quickly classify highlights. Filter the most revealing parts of games and practices for the most efficient feedback. Dartfish offer trials of their software. Go to their website.


Mobile Apps – Go to App Store

  • Coaches Eye
  • Dartfish Express
  • My Dartfish Express
  • Icoda 2
  • Playertek
  • Blast Athletic Performance

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