COACHES CORNER: Indoor hockey coaching resources for new coaches

Now that hockey season has come to a close in the southern hemisphere indoor hockey season has begun. New players are trying their hand at this form of hockey, along with new indoor hockey coaches. Learning the rules of the game, learning the skills and strategies of indoor hockey can be a challenge for new indoor coaches. There tends to be limited quality resources and coaching certification courses to help new indoor coaches.

Therefore, the following is a list of resources new coaches can access to help equip them for the task at hand.

  1. FIH resources

FIH has focused on five primary areas to give coaches useful tips when they head indoors. They have provided  five online attachments to guide coaches through the various areas of indoor coaching. Click on the link below


  1. Rules of indoor hockey

The rules of indoor hockey can be found in the below link


  1. Just what skills and abilities does a player need to crack the indoor code? The below article is good to read in that it identifies the characteristics of a good indoor hockey player.


  1. Some indoor strategies and video links to watch

The following are articles and video links to build further knowledge and understanding of indoor hockey


As a coach you may be asked where can new players purchase specialist indoor hockey gear. To assist this request click on the below link


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